6950 XT vs 3090 TI Comparison. Why AMD wins

Game Comparison

All the games tested in 4K Ultra graphics setting.

(4k Ultra Setting)6950XT ︱3090TI6950XT ︱3090TI6950XT ︱3090TI
Hitman 3119 ︱115290W︱432W70°C︱73°C
God of War81︱91284W︱426W70°C︱73°C
Dying Light 265︱72279W︱431W69°C︱73°C
Cyberpunk 207752︱57291W︱435W69°C︱73°C
Froza Horizon 590︱106272W︱424W67°C︱72°C
Horizon Zero Dawn80︱88287W︱422W67°C︱72°C
Red Dead Redemtion 279︱86294W︱427W68°C︱71°C
MS Flight Simulator56︱68282W︱437W67°C︱75°C
Days Gone97︱107282W︱420W69°C︱72°C

Community Conclusion

Video: 6950 XT vs 3090 TI Test

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