Fix For – The version of AMD Radeon Software is not compatible with your currently installed graphics driver

What causes it

This normally happens after a system or graphics card crash. when windows reboot after a crash it will downgrade currently installed graphics driver to oldest/default driver. sometimes windows update also installs older driver if it does not recognize latest driver which already installed by Radeon adrenaline software.


  • Right click start menu and select “system”
  • above windows specification click “Advanced system settings”
  • Go to hardware tab then open Device installation settings.
  • Choose “no”.
    This will only prevent windows from installing hardware manufacturers update. This will not stop normal windows updates.
  • Now install latest GPU software from which will fix the issue. To install GPU software follow the steps below.
  • First you have to find graphic card model.

Finding graphics card model

  • To find your Graphic card model right click start button and open task manager.
  • on left pane go to “performance” tab then click GPU 0
  • on top right corner you will find your graphics card name and model number.

Installing Graphics card driver

  • go to and look Gpu driver for your graphics card model, or open and search (“your GPU model” driver) example: amd 5700 xt driver. Then open result from
  • In that page go to Drivers & Support
  • under your windows version download recommended AMD software. note: optional software is beta version.
  • after downloading install the software. from now on windows will not change your gpu sofware, you have to manually update it.

Video: How to fix incompatible Graphics Driver in AMD Adrenalin Radeon Software

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