Fix For – The version of AMD Radeon Software is not compatible with your currently installed graphics driver

What causes it

This normally happens after a system or graphics card crash. when windows reboot after a crash it will downgrade currently installed graphics driver to oldest/default driver. sometimes windows update also installs older driver if it does not recognize latest driver which already installed by Radeon adrenaline software.


This issue started to happen to almost all AMD users after recent windows update because windows kept force installing older AMD driver in windows update. We have issued a quick fix for this, if it does not work try our long fix below.

Quick Fix

  • Open Device manager by searching in start menu.
  • In Device manager, find your graphics card under “Display adapters”
  • Right click it and open properties
  • Go to Driver tab and choose rollback driver.
  • Follow the options to finish rollback.
  • This will remove older Gpu version forced by windows update and enables previously installed latest driver.


  • Right click start menu and select “system”
  • above windows specification click “Advanced system settings”
  • Go to hardware tab then open Device installation settings.
  • Choose “no”.
    This will only prevent windows from installing hardware manufacturers update. This will not stop normal windows updates.
  • Now install latest GPU software from which will fix the issue. To install GPU software follow the steps below.
  • First you have to find graphic card model.

Finding graphics card model

  • To find your Graphic card model right click start button and open task manager.
  • on left pane go to “performance” tab then click GPU 0
  • on top right corner you will find your graphics card name and model number.

Installing Graphics card driver

  • go to and look Gpu driver for your graphics card model, or open and search (“your GPU model” driver) example: amd 5700 xt driver. Then open result from
  • In that page go to Drivers & Support
  • under your windows version download recommended AMD software. note: optional software is beta version.
  • after downloading install the software. from now on windows will not change your gpu sofware, you have to manually update it.

Video: How to fix incompatible Graphics Driver in AMD Adrenalin Radeon Software

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