5 Super benefits of Apple

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)

 Energy218 kJ (52 kcal)
13.81 g
 Dietary fiber2.4 g
 Water85.56 g
 Fluoride3.3 µg

0.17 g


0.26 g

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Prevents Cancer

Prevention is better than cure. Consuming Fruits and vegetables high in antioxidant help in preventing cancer and may slow down its growth.
Apple is one of the super food to contain large amount of antioxidant chemicals. These antioxidants gives apple its reddish color. So darker the apple higher its nutrition.
One of the antioxidant in apple called Triterpenoids helps fight against liver, colon and breast cancers. So next time when you buy apple, go for a darker one. and eat it without peeling off its skin!

Lowers risk of Diabetes

Each 100g of apple contains about 2.4g of Fiber. Fibre plays important role in fighting Diabetes. fibre content in apple Helps
control insulin levels by releasing sugar slowly into the bloodstream.

Improves Heart Health

Another duty of soluble fiber is binding with cholesterol in our digestive system and moving them out of the body before they are absorbed, so eating apple after a meal may reduce cholesterol moving into our blood stream.

Best food for Weight loss

One medium-sized apple consists of 85% water. Water rich foods are normally low in calories. with this amount of water, fiber and other nutrients, apple is one of the best food which makes you feel full with fewer calorie.
Fact– In 2004 movie Machinist, Christian bale needed to loose 63 pounds of weight. He achieved it in four months by eating just apple and tuna everyday.

Immune Boost

Apples is an excellent source of Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus and B-complex vitamins.
Vitamin C helps protect the body from harmful bacteria and virus, while potassium controls blood pressure by eliminating bad effects of sodium. Calcium creates a stronger bones and phosphorus improves cell repair, protein formation and hormone balance. With all these powers combine, it creates a super immune system to protect against various diseases.

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