Braces Care- 4 important points to remember

The moment you get your braces installed, care for teeth becomes more important. While braces taking care of your jaw your teeth becomes more difficult to maintain. Braces creates spaces where food can get stuck, the food later if not cleaned will cause plaque. Plaque can cause more problems to teeth so you will need to brush more than twice a day, possibly after every meal. Also try to floss whenever possible to remove any food particles between teeth.

Make sure you are brushing right

The most important thing after getting your braces is how you clean your teeth with brush. Try to brush all teeth for 5min without rushing it, brush both front and back of tooth also area between the teeth. Make sure you also clean the wires. Don’t apply too much force, brush gently, forcing brush down the teeth may damage protective layer called enamel.

Try to floss once a day

Flossing removes any food debris stuck between the teeth. Try to floss everyday and once a day is enough, too much flossing may also damage gums.

Try to avoid sweets as much as possible

While you wearing braces it is easy for chocolates or other sweets you eat to get stuck between teeth and wires. Sugar and starchy foods are main ingredient for plaque, and bacteria’s living in plaque will cause cavity.

Don’t forget your dentist appointment

Your braces will need regular cleaning and examination so make sure you keep up with dentist. If needed, wires will be removed during visit to properly clean the areas.

Video: Orthodontic Home Care Instructions

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