Green tea benefits. Green tea with Lemon Cures Hangover?

Greentea with Lemon is not just a Vegan brew

Hangovers are caused by drinking too much alcohol. A single alcoholic drink is enough to trigger a hangover for some people while others may have the capacity to consume more number of drinks before they experience a hangover.

As the body metabolizes or processes alcohol, the process inhibits glucose production and results in hypoglycemia, the outcome of which is a hangover.

Lemon green tea is very healthy. It is prepared by adding some lemon juice in warm green tea. It is generally consumed by vegans and nutritionist for its health benefits which are given below in detail. In addition to its numerous health benefits, lemon green tea is also considered as one of the best remedies to cure a hangover, because of the presence of citric acid and nutrients in it.

How Lemon help cure a hangover


Lemon juice has been popular since ages as a cure for hangover. As lemon contains citric acid, the body’s acidic condition is transformed to an alkaline condition. Therefore, after you drink lemon juice, certain changes in the body’s PH occur, which help in easing the symptoms of a hangover such as headaches and migraine.

Lemon juice helps to assimilate alcohol and provides instant relief. The most important feature of lemon is that it acts like a gentle medicine, which can be taken even on an upset stomach.

Alcohol consumption results in a compromised immune system. Lemon juice helps to re-energize and re-hydrate our body after the consumption of alcohol. The effect of alcohol on digestion and metabolic processes is also reduced by lemon juice. 

Lemon juice, acts as a great detoxifying agent, as the Citric acid in lemons, helps to reduce and minimize the adverse effects of alcohol in the body. The lemon is a great detoxifier, and it flushes out toxins from the body through the Citric Acid present in them. It also helps to alleviate the adverse effects of alcohol on the liver and kidney.

The vitamins in lemon juice help to restore the vitamins lost due to drinking and the water helps to restore the blood volume.

Green Tea Cures Hangover with Extra Health Benefits

There can be very few things that can be worse than waking up with a terrible hangover. Drinking green tea can help reduce stomach inflammation and nausea so you can start your day feeling healthy and happy.

The key ingredient in green tea that helps in reducing headache is caffeine. Green tea holds a very mild dose of caffeine as compared to coffee, which helps to reduce headache without overloading the body with caffeine and causing symptoms such as anxiety, rapid heartbeat, or heart palpitations. Though other beverages such as coffee also contain caffeine, green tea is better when you are trying to cure a hangover because of its mild dose of caffeine.

When green tea is consumed with medication, the body absorbs the medicine more quickly with the aid of caffeine. You will, therefore, feel better more quickly by taking the medicine with green tea rather than on its own. Taking analgesics with caffeine increases their effectiveness by 40%. This implies that you can consume fewer pills and reduce the side effects of analgesics, which may include upset stomach, heartburn, or dizziness. Studies have shown that consuming green tea can help cure a hangover and even reduce the long-term damage that alcohol has on the body. Green tea also helps in lessening other hangover symptoms like headache, nausea, and decreased ability to concentrate.

As green tea is high in antioxidants it protects the liver from damage. Antioxidants also help in increasing the speed at which your body metabolizes alcohol.

The Bottom line

The best way to avoid a hangover is to avoid alcohol or drink within one’s limits. However, in the event, one gets a hangover, drinking lemon green tea might be the best solution in ameliorating the symptoms.

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